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C o m p o s i t i o n s


Larisa Migachyov began composing ragtime in 2006, and has authored more than 30 ragtime compositions since then.  Her folios may be ordered by email at


Folio 1 includes:

- Purple Chicken Rag

- Garlic Pudding Rag

- Candy Apple Rag

- Gefilte Fish Rag

- Gitche Gumee Rag

- Flying Tomato Rag

- Flaming Cabbage Rag

- Arugula Leaf Rag

- Sauerkraut Sorbet


Folio 2 includes:

- Hot Chocolate Rag

- Danny's Rag No. Pi

- Eucalyptus Dreams

- Gruyere et Vacherin Half-n-Half

- Lemon Slice Rag

- Macabre Marzipan

- Pumpkin Bread Rag

- Chicken Fried Steak

- Sutter Chip Rag


Rags not included in any folio, but available for purchase individually, are:

- Lamb Chop

- The Blueberries of Metabetchouan

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